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Chronic care management needs are significant. Approximately 140 million Americans have chronic disease, growing to 170 million by 2025. CCM is proven to cut hospitalizations in half with demonstrable 5-to-1 ROI, but physicians often lack the technology and staffing necessary to perform offsite services. CMS has recognized the value in reaching out to patients regularly to keep them healthy, and reimbursement programs for non-face-to-face encounter opportunities will only continue to grow. Whether delivered by our clinical care teams, your internal resources or a combination of both we ensure compliance with Medicare requirements, enhance practice outcomes and provide supplemental revenue all seamlessly integrated into your existing workflow.


PCS ConneX offers the best solution to prepare your Medicare population to schedule and complete their Annual Wellness Visit for your practice and providers. Our team will remind patients about upcoming health milestones, schedule appointments, and issue reminders by phone and through the PCS ConneX platform and app. By capturing patient information and inputting data directly into your EHR, our AWV services will ensure visits are more informative for both providers and patients. Keeping up with all Quality measures for patients will drive improved outcomes while increasing bottom line revenue for your practice.


Providing telehealth via PCS Connex to your patients means you can transform your practice into a 24/7 virtual care office without adding staff, technology or overhead. Additionally, with COVID-19 as a public health concern, utilizing telehealth means you can video call patients on a HIPAA compliant platform and avoid having sick or at-risk patients come to the office.


The PCS ConneX Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) program uses digital devices to collect medical and other health data from your patients and securely transmits that information through our industry-leading PCS ConneX care management platform directly to your practice. RPM is a value-add for your practice, providing additional care and attention to a larger number of patients outside the clinic, while minimizing the load on your clinical staff and increasing revenue. The PCS ConneX care management platform integrates with a number of approved RPM Bluetooth devices which transmit health data seamlessly to our system. Using advanced AI-driven techniques, and professional remote clinical interaction, PCS ConneX can help make RPM successful for your practice and your patients. RPM codes provide reimbursement for a one-time patient education (CPT 99453), monthly device connection and transmission of data (CPT 99454) and monthly clinical monitoring and support (CPT 99457/99458).

Corporate Wellness Partnerships

Our "Corporate Connex" program is a tremendous addition to anyone's workforce. The fact that employers now spend approximately 25% of their Gross Income on employee health benefits speaks volumes. We provide tools and resources, including health screenings, Care Coordination and more, needed to improve the wellbeing of your team. We also utilize our state of the art remote monitoring solutions to always track the health status of your employees.
High Risk = High Cost, Our risk analysis will identify the individuals in your workforce who need the support to improve their health conditions. The impact of our 'Corporate Connex' program is proven to have a 330% return on every dollar invested in the program.
Please call us for more information to initiate your very own customized 'Corporate Connex' program.

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